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Before Your Exam

What to bring for your visit:

  • Medical Insurance Card

  • Vision Insurance Card (if applicable)

  • Driver’s License

  • Current Glasses (if applicable)

  • Current Contact Lenses (if applicable)


Want to look at frames before your visit?

To save time checking in, please fill out and bring these forms to your visit:

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Learn about the screenings recommended by the doctor for your comprehensive exam!

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What is a comprehensive exam?

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Experiencing Dry Eye?

Do any of these symptoms seem familiar?

  • Gritty, itchy, or stinging eyes

  • Excessive tearing and/or discharge

  • Eyes that feel tired or dry

  • Increased light sensitivity

  • Regular use of eye drops

  • Discomfort that worsens as the day progresses

  • Redness


Suffering from dry eye syndrome not only diminishes your quality of life but also makes daily activities more difficult.


Try These Recommended Dry Eye Screenings At Your Visit:






Promotions & Discounts

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Buy one complete pair of glasses, get the second complete pair of glasses 50% off!

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Save up to $250 and receive free shipping directly to your home when purchasing a year supply of contact lenses

Price varies by contact lens manufacturer and brand.

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Receive 20% off any additional set of glasses lens only purchase


No insurance? Receive 10% off with card or 20% off with cash or check if total cost is paid-in-full the day of visit


Receive a $5 pair of Polaroid™ sunglasses when purchasing a year supply of daily contact lenses


Frequently Asked Questions

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