At Holt Eye Care, we offer a variety of services including comprehensive eye exams that include screenings for glaucoma and other ocular diseases. We also offer specialty contact lens fittings, surgical co-management, pediatric care, and emergency services. Our professional staff is committed to serving you with the highest level of care. 

Comprehensive Eye Exam

A comprehensive eye exam is so much more than “which is better, one or two.” The vision check, or refraction, is an important part of the exam, but there is a lot more to the eyes then seeing 20/20. An examination starts with your history. You may notice there are a lot of questions to answer and you may even feel some of the questions do not pertain to your eye exam...

Contact Lenses

If you have been told in the past that you cannot wear contact lenses, Holt Eye Care can help. Our doctors use the latest technology in contact lens materials, designs, and powers. They will persistently work with you on all of your options until contact lens success is achieved. They not only offer a variety of soft lenses and toric soft lenses but also offer hybrid lenses, multi-focal soft lenses, multi-focal lenses for astigmatism...                   


Glaucoma damages the optic nerve tissue in the back of the eye. This nerve is responsible for taking the images gathered by your eyes and transmitting them to the brain for processing. The greatest danger of glaucoma stems from the fact that the disease is painless and without obvious symptoms until significant damage has occurred. This is why glaucoma has received it's nickname of "the silent thief of sight." 

Dry Eye

Dry Eye symptoms include scratchy eyes, burning, mild redness and gritty feeling eyes. Dry eye is caused by a problem with the lubricating tears. In some cases, not enough tears are made to moisten the eye. In others, enough tears are made, but they don't have the right amounts of each layer to work right. The tears may be too watery or too sticky to properly lubricate the eye. When the cornea is irritated, the body tries to fix this by...                   


The natural lens in the eye gradually becomes less clear as we get older. When opacities develop in the lens, it becomes too hazy. Cataracts make it so that light can't pass through easily and it becomes scattered. The greatest danger of glaucoma stems from the fact that the disease is painless and without obvious symptoms until...

InfantSee   Program

Under InfantSee, Dr. Cousineau is a participating InfantSEE optometrist who provides comprehensive infant eye assessments between six and twelve months of age as a no-cost public service.

Diabetic Eye Exam

Over time, diabetes damages the blood vessels in the retina. Diabetic retinopathy occurs when these tiny blood vessels leak blood and other fluids. To learn more, please visit the American Optometric Association's website.

Eye Emergencies

Our office provides emergency services for eye infections and eye injuries. Please call our office at 517-699-3937 during office hours or our emergency numbers; 517-285-8389 or 517-285-8388 after hours or on weekends. Our staff will work with you to schedule an appointment as soon as possible. 



Holt Eye Care was established in 2002 by the husband and wife team of Dr. Brian Houser and Dr. Amy Cousineau. They both desired a practice where a friendly, community-focused atmosphere would be... READ MORE


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